You picture it and it’s done!

From fallen to flawless ~ how we fixed a kitchen ceiling drama

It was a bad day for our client when their kitchen ceiling caved in...

There was no warning – just a rotten, ugly, unsafe mess sagging perilously above their heads, with assorted debris strewn around. The upstairs bathroom had sprung a sneaky leak…

The challenge

Remove all the rotten material safely and make good the damaged walls. Create a sound, safe ceiling complete with new coving. Finish everything to perfection.

Beautifully-finished-kitchen-ceiling-15.jpgScope of work 


A flawless ceiling in just 4 days – on budget, too. A smart, safe hub-of-the-home restored to full working order. Above all, a client delighted with their cookin’ kitchen!

“We are so grateful to Inspired Interiors. Once the insurance had been approved, they took control and created a brand new ceiling, and made good all the other damaged areas, too. They were quick and considerate and did a great job – it looks like nothing happened. It’s so good to have our kitchen back again.”
Another Eastleigh resident impressed by Inspired Interiors 


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